Forgings, Castings, Gear parts

Company MONTAN Plzeň s.r.o. deals in export of castings, forgings, gear and machined parts to the whole Europe and other countries in the world as well. Products are delivered based on the customer requirements and their drawings.

Knowledge of the market and complex customer service with emphasis on quality, delivery dates, reliability and flexibility are the basic assets of our work.


We offer:

  • Selection of optimal producer mainly from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, but also from other countries for the given type of product, from the standpoint of quality, price and terms of delivery
  • Monitoring the production course directly on the producers site, inter-operational checks, inspections, technical consultations and providing of all the production logistics
  • Permanent contact with the customer, regular written information about the current state of the order
  • Transport of the product to the customer, including customs clearance
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Long term cooperation